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Welcome to ICRI 2016

The International Conferences on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) are a global forum in the Research Infrastructures domain. Providing unique opportunities to share insights in this field from around the world, we promote international cooperation.

The ICRI 2016 will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3 to 5 October 2016. The conferences will be co-organised by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the European Commission.

Building on the conclusions of previous ICRIs, and the ongoing debates on Research Infrastructures in international fora, such as the Group of Senior Officials (GSO) and the OECD-Global Science Forum (GSF), a more structured approach to collaboration on global Research Infrastructures will be discussed with the international community. Here, the strategic importance of Research Infrastructures and exploring their role as a tool for Science Diplomacy will be underlined.

Setting the scene
Research infrastructures are core enablers of competitive research, development and innovation, advancing the frontiers of our knowledge. They are often, by nature, cross-border and exploitable by multiple disciplines. Research Infrastructures are also highly data intensive, with more and more virtually enabled access, leading the way to global exploitation.

The increasing drive towards open science and access to extensive research data provides opportunities and challenges to impact the concept of research. This, in turn, affects Research Infrastructures, their structure, requirements, and the way research infrastructures are developed and access to them.

Data-intensive science changes the nature of modern research, and paves the way towards new skills and professions to tackle the challenges related to big data.

Open, strengthened innovation ecosystems encourage the involvement of new actors, and the deployment of new funding solutions for Research Infrastructures. A shift towards long-term planning and stronger attention to sustainability is crucial. New solutions are required in order to process and store the massive amounts of research and technical data produced by various Research infrastructures. Additionally, harmonisation and standardisation efforts are needed, to ensure obtaining full advantage of the data. World-class technology infrastructures can increase the scope and the pace of innovation. Along with investment incentives, however, industry's access to these infrastructures is still not fully exploited.

How will truly global research infrastructures look in this continuously-evolving scenario? And how to best address challenges together, finding synergies and complementarities, and harnessing new opportunities? These questions are relevant in setting the scene and defining the role and impact of RIs.


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