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the 'sticky' side to polymeric sand - Ground Trades Xchange - a ...

Ok, we all talk about polymeric sand and what a great thing it is, but I have ... a patio with it on it before you hose it down to set it.... sticks to everything! ... 5. repair work....ever try pulling out a few pavers or going back to fix a...

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Polymeric sand without a compactor ? - DoItYourself Community ...

Jun 11, 2016 ... This time use polymeric sand, and was looking at ways of making sure that ... is vital to settling sand or polymeric sand into the joints between pavers. ... I have used a hammer drill set to hammer only and a sacial piece of...

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Removing polymeric sand from salvaged pavers | LawnSite

Jan 2, 2012 ... How hard is it to remove polymeric sand from pavers that are being ... They are set in stone dust, but the steep hill and water runoff on the site...

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Flagstone patio--mortared vs. gravel/sand????? - GardenWeb

Jul 19, 2003 ... We originally planned to lay the patio on a gravel and sand bed with ... So, my question for the forum is: ... The contractor used stone pavers as a retaining wall due to my yard .... My flagstone is all set out over 4 inch of rock then 2 inches of sand. ... look on the internet, for polymeric sand or lock joint sand.

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Mortar Or Sand Set Patio? - Masonry - Contractor Talk

Screed off dry mortar bed, (Over concrete pad) set pavers, fill joints with dry mortar .... They might be referring to polymeric sand for the joints.

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Stone dust vs sand for laying pavers? Help! - GardenWeb

Jul 1, 2005 ... Also, should you compact the sand or stone dust prior to setting you paver or should you set the paver and then compact with your ..... Is polymeric sand the stuff that hardens like concrete? ... Am so glad I found this forum.

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Polymeric Sand -vs- SandLock - GardenWeb

Jun 15, 2004 ... Does anyone have any experience with Polymeric Sand -vs- SandLock? ... admixture that is used for filling the cracks in stone or brick paving.

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only sand for the base of paver patio? - GardenWeb

Jun 29, 2007 ... So I ordered sand and very expensive pavers (they are 24X24, 12X24, ... Is it okay to lay larger pavers on sand alone? ... 6) polymeric sand.

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Pressure washing & resanding paver walkways - Home Improvement ...

Forum discussion: Hello all - I've got a paver walkway. ... Rent one of the professional ones and use the polymeric sand. ... Tamping really won't do any good because the pavers are already set and they won't settle any more.

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