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Inventors and Inventions of Scientific Instruments ...

Scientific Instruments and Industrial Machines ... The first anemometer, a disc placed perpendicular to the wind, was invented in ... There are two types of barometers commonly used today, mercury and aneroid (meaning "fluidless"). .... how a pendulum could track the rotation of the Earth (the Foucault pendulum) in 1851.

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Meat grinder

A meat grinder or meat mincer is a kitchen appliance for fine chopping ('mincing') of, or mixing ... At this opening the minced meat comes out of the machine. ... The first meat grinder was ...

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KMT — Manufacturer of high precision grinding machines

KMT Precision Grinding develops, markets, manufactures, and installs high-precision grinding machines with surrounding equipment within the area of high...

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Crankshaft grinding with JUNKER grinding machines - JUNKER

Crankshaft grinding with JUNKER grinding machines ... JUNKER's pendulum grinding method is a versatile machine concept for grinding crankshafts of all types...

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